Jul 16 2020


4:00 pm

Data Privacy Trajectories




The Data Privacy Act (DPA) is among the latest expressions of modern data privacy law – born
more than fifty years ago. Many of us spend time focusing on full compliance with the DPA;
crafting data consent forms and undertaking privacy impact assessments. And there’s no
shortage of consultants, products, services and specialists who have built a market that helps in
that process.
Oftentimes, the tasks ahead of us make us lose perspective or worse, denies us the ability to
gain any perspective on data privacy policy. We’re too busy with the day-to-day to ask ourselves
what data privacy should be and what should guide us through this journey.
This episode of Data Transformation Thursdays will feature speakers who will discuss the
history of data privacy and the strands of thought that inform and enrich that law. From that
context, we can begin to locate the Philippines and ASEAN in the global data privacy map and
imagine how our own law should be shaped. Moving towards the fourth industrial revolution and
the shifts in global economic power, we can begin the conversation that can help us make
decisions that will determine how we can protect ourselves while allowing us to fully participate
in shaping the future.



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