About This Project

The pandemic forced everyone to adapt processes and implement work-from-home arrangements. More and more work teams are trying to adjust to these changes and find the need to pivot its operations by applying digital technology – changing the way it does business and delivering services to customers.

To kick-off the Digital Transformation Thursdays, Atty. JJ Disini shares his journey on how a law firm was, through the years, able to transform its business and day-to-day processes and integrate technology in practically all areas of its business.

Atty. Lars Serzo will share her experience with the implementation and adoption of different technologies particularly in the area of task management, the difficulties of implementing changes in the workplace, and how it has affected productivity and efficiency.

One of our former colleagues, Prof. Emerson Bañez, will join us and will share the digital transformation efforts currently underway in one of the oldest law schools in the country, the U.P. College of Law.