Apr 29 2021


4:00 pm





Both private and public organizations have faced multifaceted concerns relating to data privacy, from securing the consent of the data subject all the way to the problem of information security and data breaches. A full resolution of these compliance issues calls for a keen and nuanced understanding of the Data Privacy Act and the regulations issued by the National Privacy Commission.

The Disini Buted Disini Law Office invites you to the Data Privacy Basics, a free introductory webinar on the Data Privacy Act. The webinar will hopefully serve as a foundation for organizations to kickstart the compliance process for data privacy. The team will also answer questions and concerns on day-to-day experiences and challenges in complying with the Data Privacy Act.

The topics which will be covered include:

Overview of the fundamental concept of Privacy
DPA Basics and Compliance Process
Personal Information vs. Sensitive Personal Information vs. Personal Data
Consent as a Data Privacy Fundamental
Data Sharing and Data Outsourcing
Data Breach Management and Notification

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